Advent and Christmas Resources

An advent ‘wreath’ is simply a circle of four candles surrounding a larger white candle.

The four candles may be any color, although traditionally they are three purple candles and one pink candle to represent Mary. The white, center candle, is the Christ Candle and is lit on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. You may then decorate your wreath with greenery, ribbons or whatever you have there at home.

If you have some nice candle holders, using them is another option for your home advent wreath this year. These candles were purchased as a set at JoAnn’s in Dunbar.

The most important thing is to pause and give thanks to God – for God’s mercy, love and grace, and for this season of Advent.

While we often see Advent as the build-up to celebrating the birth of Jesus, Advent is actually a more nuanced time of the year. It is when we join John the Baptist, Zechariah, Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, and others from our shared history longing for all things to be made right with the world.

In this sense, then, Advent is more about the return of Christ in all of his glory – as much as it is about God choosing to take on human form, and humbling himself to be born to a poor peasant couple in a war torn, occupied land.

This Advent season, as we face this growing pandemic, we have a longing for all things to be normal again…just as Jesus’ ancestors, and the early church mothers and fathers, yearned for all things to be made new.

May we embrace the paradox of this season as we light our candles and give thanks for our many blessings – still yearning for all things to be made new.

Follow this link for a home advent liturgy and prayers.

Please click on this link to email Pastor Deborah if you would like a copy printed out and mailed to you.

Follow this link to read Advent -Christmas-Epiphany devotions written by the laity of the West Virginia Conference.

Follow this link to watch Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball’s daily prayers and reflections.